Why is it so Hard to find Oganic Fabrics??

7 Sep

That’s a mighty fine question.  What’s more, when I decided that I would open a new Etsy shop  ( http://www.x2useittwice.etsy.com) which is devoted to reducing waste, using organic materials, and upcylcing, I started calling the local fabric stores to ask them about their organic fabric supply.  I was shock to hear their response, “What do you mean.”  What do you mean??  Wow!  The local Quilting shop was very helpful.  She explained to me that the Organic supply of fabrics is presently very low and are created on a very small scale.  Because of this many of the prints do not have a clarity of the larger printing shops.  This is something that I have not noticed but I am not a fabric supplier and do not look at several hundred fabric swatches a week.

To get a good selection, I’ve had to hit the online shops.  Here a couple good ones that I have found:

http://www.organiccottonplus.com/ <- large selection, reasonable priced, good reputation.

http://www.pmorganics.com/index.htm <- great selection of bright prints, limited selection

http://www.nearseanaturals.com/index.php <- great selection, more expensive, premium fabrics


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