Helpful ETSY ideas for New Sellers

19 Sep

So being a new ETSY seller myself and after spending many, many, many hours pouring through the forums and resources on the ETSY website, I decided to go straight to some successful sellers and ask them what there best advice if for new members.

Jack-pot – What a gold mine of great information – all of which I happy share with you!  This forum can be read at or you can just read below and continue to check back under the “ETSY help and Support” Category.

skybluedesigns2 gave some fantastic information about having GREAT photos, to really capture the viewer.   The viewer assumes if you have great photos you MUST have great stuff.  Make sure you use all 5 slots, front, back, inside, outside, bottom, top.  I know with me I always have way more photos then slots for.  skybluedesigns2 also indicated that you must give your location, as people like to know where they are buying from.  I know that when I look for items to purchase, I always go through the items in my home region first, as I like to support the local community.    skybluedesigns2 also suggests to use all 14 tags.  I know this can sometimes be hard.  If I cannot think of more tags for my items I’ll usually search for something similar on ETSY to see what tags they used.

Athenianaire says to get business cards.  I personally just ordered some from VistaPrint, as they are always running promotions for free cards.  All you have to pay is shipping and handling, assuming you do not want to upload your own logo or get too fancy.  But they have a great selection.  And carry them on you at all times.  The other day I was at the fabric store and the lady next to me started chatting with me about making blankets.  Little did she know just how many I make!  I offered my advice as best I could and helped her with fabric selection but kicked myself that I did not have a business card on me to give to her.  That’s the last time I’ve been without them.

AnnaArtiste gives the advice to re-list a few items daily, a couple in the morning and a couple in the evening.  I had no idea about re-listing until just recently and now I see that everyone does it.  How can anyone get along with out it.

More to come…

But if you have ideas about helping new sellers on ETSY, please comments below or hit the thread at the above given link.


2 Responses to “Helpful ETSY ideas for New Sellers”

  1. Sarah January 25, 2010 at 2:00 am #

    I was looking for some Etsy bloggers on WordPress, and came across your post. Thanks for all the information! (I am a new seller, working on getting my shop set up.)

    As far as ideas for helping new sellers, I agree that reaching out to sellers that you admire is critical. I have convo-ed and emailed a couple sellers (matty8080, StephanieFizer) and they have been very generous with their time and advice.

    I would also say that, while it may be obvious, ordering an item from a seller who you admire, or who makes similar items, is helpful for a few reasons. You can see not only how they brand their company through packaging, but also how they protect and package the item for shipment. It makes the process seem more real and doable.

    Hope that is helpful, and best of luck to you!

  2. wishjoy August 5, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    Thank you for the useful information!

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