Getting Ready for my FIRST ever Craft Fair!

23 Sep

So just a couple weeks away from my first ever craft fair and already I’m feeling the crunch. Long lists of what I still have to make (in bulk). But presently I am planning my booth layout. What works best. I haven’t really put forth much effort in researching it, and potentially that will be my downfall. But really we live in a commercial world and are bombarded by displays, layouts, signage, etc on a daily basis. I do my research every day I go shopping. Place items at eye level, have the purpose of an item clearly identified, have prices clearly labeled, have a professional setup – clean and neat, and make sure you display does not over power your crafts to be sold.

I’m pretty excited about getting some actual feedback from people face to face on my wares while showing off my abilities.

The biggest issue that faces me presently is how to gauge how much time it will take to do packaging and signage.  Like always, I am sure I will underestimate the time needed to preparing this step.

Any seasoned craft show people out there that can offer me a word or two of advice, it would be appreciated.


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