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Friday after St. Patricks day on ETSY

19 Mar

Having a good Irish last name, St. Patrick’s day was never forgotten in my household growing up and is never forgotten in my own home with my children.  This year, due to a crazy working schedule, I could not cook my favorite buttermilk soda bread or the traditional American St. Patty’s day feast of Corn beef and Cabbage.  Therefore my St. Patty’s day got post poned a couple days to today.  Since it is Friday and I LOVE to blog about fun ETSY items, I figured I’d make it all about St. Patrick’s day today.

This first item I just love.  It’s a Felt I-phone case featuring an adorable four leaf clover.  Entirely hand-sewn this beauty will fit any gadget.

Check out these fantastic lucky clover hoops from Twisted Designs.  This design is truly unique and is causal enough to fit with any outfit, on any day (not just St. Patrick’s day).

And lastly, enjoy some Guiness, the cure for all ails, but instead of drinking it, scrub with it.  I love this soap made with this very famous stout beer.


Christmas Party!!!!!!

20 Dec

Ok so hopefully you Christmas shopping is all done (don’t feel bad if it’s not, mine isn’t either), and it’s time to start getting ready for that P-A-R-T-Y!

So what to buy to have an incredible party? Being an ETSY seller myself here are a couple super cute must haves.

First you have to have fantastic place mats. I love anything cute and whimsical, so I find these lovely Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Reversible Santa Place mats   truly fun. In order to create that gorgeous, fantastic, beautiful, centerpiece, you MUST start with an incredible base. I absolutely adore this vase. Being just 6″ it would not over-power your table settings.

So many other wonderful items to choice from, but presently I love all the original banner designs that so many shops have developed this season. However I must say I love this one. It is cute with an inspiring theme.


12 Dec

It’s Friday, it’s cold outside and it’s time for some snow inspired items from my favorite online store – ETSY. Check out these elegant dangling earrings. Let your ears drip in ice but feel only HOT! 

I cannot talk about SNOW on ETSY without noting this awesome Holiday SNOW Decorative Letters. Put them on your mantel and bring a little seasonal decoration to your home that can stay up all winter! (or longer if you live in the extreme latitudes) 

Ok and lastly, just because the theme is snow, I love these snow shoes converted to wall sconces. These would be perfect for that little lodge on Lake Tahoe that I wish I had. 

Great Friday Finds – Glam it up!!!

24 Oct

Ok it is Friday, it’s late (never head out until after 1030) and you need some inspiration about what to wear. Check out these awesome finds that I just love.

First you need a dress. This is an incredible ruby red dress that would look good at a trendy restaurant or a hot club.

Couple that dress with these fantastic earrings, these 80’s vintage, bright red pumps, and beautiful hand printed clutch and you’re ready to leave only victims wherever you go!

The best of handmade and vintage!

Friday Etsy Picks

16 Oct

Friday always brings some fantastic finds. Since we are edging closer the the end of October, I’ve decided to focus on some really cute and different Halloween items.

Check out these Huge pumpkin orange fire polished Czech glass beads earrings which are a divergence from your silly plastic Halloween pumpkin earrings –

Or how about this cute little Tshift – An adorable spider hanging on a thread.  

This is another way to bring a little Halloween to your day without being too obvious. It’s a checkbook wallet made from black vinyl with a inset purple vinyl bat.

Love them all!

My Favorite ETSY shop for the week

19 Sep

I love pottery and sculpture, and although I love to create art, those mediums have never been my strong point, which leave me even more in awe of those who can create master it.

Bronze Frog on ETSY

As I go through the ETSY shops this week, I am blown away by this beautiful frog – sells for $60. This little guy would look awesome hiding by a water feature in your backyard. Truly gorgeous work. Or check out this beautiful pitcher – for just $30!   I love the glaze on it.



Here in Norman, OK we have a incredible gallery of bronze work at The Crucible (Foundary and Gallery). A long dream of an artist that showcases some truly incredible work for the city.

Artistry such as this is made to inspire, to push us creative souls beyond our comfort level, to demand and challenge us.  I have been inspired today, and I hope you have too!