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Halloween SALE!

22 Oct

Halloween sale! Get it there before Halloween AND save money.  20% off select items in my Zibbet shop.    Shop NOW!



Don’t MONKEY around!

20 Apr

Monkey Blanket

In my quest to expand my zoo – I have just finished my monkey baby security blanket.  This little monkey features lovely textured brown minky fabric, a felt face and tail, and is full customizable, as you get to choose what color satin you want.   Buy him exclusively here – http://www.etsy.com/shop/BBsForBabies

Friday after St. Patricks day on ETSY

19 Mar

Having a good Irish last name, St. Patrick’s day was never forgotten in my household growing up and is never forgotten in my own home with my children.  This year, due to a crazy working schedule, I could not cook my favorite buttermilk soda bread or the traditional American St. Patty’s day feast of Corn beef and Cabbage.  Therefore my St. Patty’s day got post poned a couple days to today.  Since it is Friday and I LOVE to blog about fun ETSY items, I figured I’d make it all about St. Patrick’s day today.

This first item I just love.  It’s a Felt I-phone case featuring an adorable four leaf clover.  Entirely hand-sewn this beauty will fit any gadget.

Check out these fantastic lucky clover hoops from Twisted Designs.  This design is truly unique and is causal enough to fit with any outfit, on any day (not just St. Patrick’s day).

And lastly, enjoy some Guiness, the cure for all ails, but instead of drinking it, scrub with it.  I love this soap made with this very famous stout beer.

Updating BBs For babies website

26 Feb

New Website design

Two months mont ago I decided that I would get my toes wet with a website devoted to my ETSY shop.   Thus was born BBsForBabies.com.  Using the Intuit website service, which is very reasonable for a simple 5 pages web page set, I generated a web page devoted to my business in just a couple hours.   This option is incredibly easy.  Using their handy web page templates it’s a no brainer to pump out a website.

However having my website online for approximately 2 months, I noticed a terrible bounce rate and low time on the site.  My products were apparently not showing through enough to lure the viewer into clicking beyond the main page.  Having a love of colors, I decided to steer away from the boring template design that I had picked out previously, and created a site from scratch., using bright blues, pale lavenders, and accents of chocolate, I created a main page showcasing some of my favorite items.  Having my website updated for just 2 days, I’ve already noticed a better click through to my shop/products and a lower bounce rate.

I would love to hear some comments/reviews on this new design, as I believe it showcases my products well, but might be too graphic intense.

New Embroidered Baby Blanket Line

15 Dec

I have just finished the first two blankets of my new Embroidered baby blanket line. I am very excited about this as it affords me the opportunity to place objects and animals on the blankets that would normally not come off very well in a 3D layout. I have started the line with 2 blankets each inspired by my children. As every summer my son has the best time watching the swallow tail caterpillars in our backyard, I have created this wonderfully warm and soft light green baby blanket, featuring a hungry caterpillar on a leaf and have backed it with wonderful abstract yellow, blue, and green foliage. The other blanket is pure girlie in every way, just like my daughter. A beautiful pink flower is embroidered on the front and gorgeous rose fabric backs the blanket.

Many more will be coming soon, so please keep checking back.

To Rip or Cut?

25 Aug

During the process of making blankets, which are generally square, the repetitive action of cutting little squares over and over becomes tedious.  There’s got to be a better way.  Consider the rip!  Although many talented quilters would probably cringe at the idea of ripping fabrics, as they love the careful precision of neat little triangles and squares.  I think my life better parallels the quick and dirt rip method.  Grab that piece of satin and rip to your heart content.  I work with satins quite a lot and they tear wonderfully!  Good cottons will keep their line too.   So embrace the rip!

The rebirth

24 Aug

P8240516In 7th grade Mrs. April called me super woman for threading my sewing machine needle backwards at my first ever attempt. There was nothing super about it, just a 12 year old over thinking the process. I loved that home economics class. I don’t even know if present day Jr. High and High schools still have the same sort of classes. Always geared toward girls, sewing (certainly my favorite aspect of the class) should be a pre requisite for all boys and girls alike (that’ll be another post).
Mrs. April gave us the creative license to generate whatever sewing projects we wanted. Some girls took on clothes, pillows, quilts… But I was very fond of designing my own patterns and producing adorable stuff animals.
Years later schooling, a professional career, usurped any creative energy that I had years previous. Desperate to regain that bug, I started sewing again, but what to sew? I came back to my creative roots and started generating homemade patterns of adorable animals. Having young children of my own, I catered those projects to my little ones.
The purpose of this blog is to showcase those items while creating a resource/inspiration for other to again go through their own rebirth, or try something new.