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Updating BBs For babies website

26 Feb

New Website design

Two months mont ago I decided that I would get my toes wet with a website devoted to my ETSY shop.   Thus was born BBsForBabies.com.  Using the Intuit website service, which is very reasonable for a simple 5 pages web page set, I generated a web page devoted to my business in just a couple hours.   This option is incredibly easy.  Using their handy web page templates it’s a no brainer to pump out a website.

However having my website online for approximately 2 months, I noticed a terrible bounce rate and low time on the site.  My products were apparently not showing through enough to lure the viewer into clicking beyond the main page.  Having a love of colors, I decided to steer away from the boring template design that I had picked out previously, and created a site from scratch., using bright blues, pale lavenders, and accents of chocolate, I created a main page showcasing some of my favorite items.  Having my website updated for just 2 days, I’ve already noticed a better click through to my shop/products and a lower bounce rate.

I would love to hear some comments/reviews on this new design, as I believe it showcases my products well, but might be too graphic intense.