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My Trip to the Wrong side of the tracks Fabric store

29 Jan

Yesterday, when the weather was nice and warm, I wanted to hit a fabric store that I had never been to before – Fabric & Upholstery Outlet 1101 Southwest 59th Street, Oklahoma City, OK.  Rumored to have an unpredictable inventory of great and affordable fabrics, I had been chomping at the bit to go there.

Located next to an empty store in a strip mall, I was blown away how wonderful it was.  It was like heaven, just tables, racks, bins, everywhere full of wonderful, affordable fabric.  Tripping over the large inventory in the way too small space, it was like I was on a treasure hunt searching for the perfect, unique, fabulous fabric.   Oh how I scored.

Not only was the fabric wonderful…. the place was not busy so I was afforded the opportunity to have a wonderful chat with the one sales woman on the floor.

Just goes to show great things come in little stores.